About Us

DailyRotoSharks was created by CeeGee in 2015 as a site, complementary to his Instagram page where people could go to learn how to get better at DFS and building lineups. Finding it hard to break into a saturated DFS industry, CeeGee partnered with xBenJamminx, a DFS player who wrote NBA Articles for .

The two players wanted to combine their knowledge of DFS, and apply both of their specific specialties to a market of DFS players wanting to get better. As we all know, that’s everybody. Ben had rapidly gained a large, supportive following on Twitter from his articles, which showed him and CeeGee that there was enough interest in the work they were putting out, to truly make this a project they wanted to put a lot of time into. They saw an abundance of people selling and buying lineups on Twitter, many of them complaining about the lineups or the sellers themselves.

The problem many of them face is that you can’t complain about a lineup if you’re not the one in control of it. You’re at the mercy of someone you most likely don’t know if they’re even good or not. There is an epidemic of people in the community who are using lineup providers because they don’t understand the game, or they’re just frustrated with not being good or showing any improvements. They want to carve a niche into this industry where they teach people how to play and SHOW them strategies and processes LIVE and/or Recorded that may help them with their play. They release tons of FREE content, with additional advanced premium content, be sold at low prices, affordable for the average user.

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