NBA 101



The purpose of this page, and subsequent pages is to teach you the basics of playing Daily Fantasy NBA, so that you’re able to profit over the course of the entire Season.

Here are some of the things we’ll talk about

  • Basic Fundamental Stats for NBA DFS
  • The Difference between CASH Games and GPP’s
  • How to use our NBA Cheat Sheet to give you an edge over the competition
  • GPP Strategies (Single Entry vs Multi Entry)

#1 - Minutes = Money

In the NBA you can’t score fantasy points, if you’re not on the court. This is why we want to target the players who consistently reach and exceed 30 minutes per game. If we know how many minutes a player is going to get, we can can get a good estimate of how many fantasy points he’ll likely produce. This makes NBA DFS one of the more predictable DFS Sports in that aspect.

With Projected Minutes being so important, this often times creates great “value” players on any given day. I will cover more of this in the next section.

#2 - Be Aware of Late Breaking News

In order to really have an edge in NBA, you need to be available all the way up to when then contests lock. Players are basically never guaranteed to play, based on the fact they may sit sometimes just to have rest. It’s very important to monitor injuries because value can open up immediately upon certain news.

There are many different ways to monitor injuries. You can visit places like Rotoworld NBA News or search on Twitter for a player to see if he is trending. Twitter is a great place to watch injuries because there are many accounts that tweet out NBA news. You can find a teams “beat writers”, people who cover a specific team. This is just as good with NBA as it is with MLB. They may have news on who missed shootarounds, who may be starting and other important news.

#3 - Cash Games vs GPP

The term Cash Game, refers to H2H, 50/50 and Double Up games… Where your odds of winning, or “cashing” are closer to 50% …
(note: double ups are around 44% as slightly less than 1/2 of the field wins)
Every single successful DFS Player will tell you to play Most of your money in Cash Games, on a nightly basis. Since your odds of cashing are higher on a given night, you’re long term success in DFS will depend on your success in your Cash Games, more so than your success in your GPP games.

GPP (Guaranteed Prize Pool) – Many people, who play DFS don’t really understand the Guaranteed, part about this… Simply put, this means the Site (Fanduel, Draftkings and so on) must pay out the stated amount of the contest, regardless if that GPP fills completely or not (more on this in our advanced section TBD)… Simple explanation, when a GPP is not 100% full, this creates what is known as overlay, and increases your odds of placing in the money.

The reason most people lose money in DFS, is because they chase life changing paydays from these Massive GPP’s, rather than Grinding out Profits Daily, Weekly, Monthly in their cash games. Going through a long losing streak can dwindle even the largest bankrolls rather quickly. I believe you must play with discipline in order to be a long term successful DFS Player

# - Our daily NBA Cheat Sheet

Our cheat sheets have been a work in Progress over the course of a few years now. We’ve compiled all the relevant player data, into one easy to download excel sheet for all of you.

How to do you use it?

We’ve tried to make it pretty easy for you. You will see some of the standard statistics, like Player Position, Salary, Team, Opp and Vegas O/U.

As you make your way through the sheet, from Left to Right, you start getting into some of the more advanced statistics. Player Usage % – Season Avg Fantasy Points, Avg Fantasy Points Per Minute, and today’s projected fantasy points, along with a customizeable “Projected Minutes” column for today’s game. — This is a useful tool, as if you hear of late injury news, you can quickly adjust the minutes you expect a player to receive and his Projection will adjust along with it (( Based on his FP/Min statistic ))


*** to be continued ***

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