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Mikes Notes

I am very different when it comes to every other sports handicap expert.

When I communicate with you through email or text or on the phone the first thing you’ll notice is that I’m not going to bang on drums and yell and scream trying to make you believe whatever I say just for the simple fact because I’m yelling.  Who wants an annoying person trying to give you advice.

You don’t want to buy points when they are and aren’t beneficial e.g. basketball 2 to 5 point games – free throws NBA, college 1 and 1 and worst percentage is not as big of a deal , talk about trends in sports , what they have done lately, about parlays in golf , and parlay in baseball, or pool sting the 1.5 run differential, starting pitching and bullpens, don’t bet 100 to win 50, injuries in football and basketball.  You don’t want to bet especially in basketball until the last possible minute because there is a lot of late scratches before the game.

In football, the most import injury deals with the quarterback, limited practice availability is not a big deal.  However if a quarterback is not practicing  that does make a difference with the position because he’s not getting his reps.

I like to shy away or emphasis on game decisions, because even if they do play they maybe on a snap out or a pitch out if they are coming back from an injury, big market times the lines are always skewed, meaning the cowboys maybe a 7 point favorite but, in actuality, they should be a 6 point favorite because some many people bet on the big market team.

Most people bet on their favorite because they are the better team.  However if they are up big, especially in college, the backups will play and play soft zone and prevent the big play but give up a late touchdown to cover and back door the spread, a rule of thumb is to never take a favorite in the NFL if it’s higher then 14 points, I either take the underdog or don’t play the game at all, people like points which is why more people bet the over then the under.

However, the under will hit more times than the over in the pro, vice versa in college the safer bet is the over because you can always get to overtime and a lot of points can be scored for you to hit the over, but you want to play the over on games that are small point spreads because they have a better chance of going into overtime.

Always set a fixed amount to bet and consistency stay with whatever figure that may be.  Put a designated amount of money to the side per month in case of a catastrophe where you have terrible luck with bad calls or injuries or botched snap and don’t spend more than that limit.  Never chase, well I’m down $200 this weekend and I always bet $100 a game but it’s Monday night and I’m down $200 so on Monday night football I’m going to bet $$200 so I can break even for the week this kind of betting can get you in trouble very quickly.  if you are trying to be rich by gambling them good luck with that.

Gambling can be very exciting and you can make some money as long as you stay consistent with your bets and have a advisor for the leg work to make your picks, people have jobs and families and don’t have to do the research which is where I come in  because this is my job. In golf course history is a factor however how you have playing lately is a much bigger factor. Small green u want to picks guys with great scrambling statistics, big fairways u want to be with the bombers , tight favors u want to look for driving accuracy, betting on golfers to win tournaments is a terrible idea , it just doesn’t happen, u have 150 golfers and good luck picking the 1 guy that will beat the other 149 with is why betting on matchups and parlaying them is the way to go, don’t make bets that u can’t afford to lose, if u stay consistent with your bets then it won’t be that big of a deal when u lose and it won’t be that big of deal when u win , the purpose of gambling is to have fun and make money snd u will if u follow these principals.

I never tell anyone what to do or how much to wager, I give u information and u do what u choose to do with it. However for optimum success you should flat bet and stick to the same amount. I can text email or call u , and u can communicate with me the same way, if I don’t answer I will get back to you as soon as possible however there is hours that I’m always available and that would be the time to call and if it goes to voicemail then I will get back to you, all new permanent new clients will receive free fantasy advice for this season but please get your emails of which player should you start out 2 3 or 4  players and I will give my opinion on who to start and the reason why, but I need all the questions submitted by Friday at 5pm Eastern so I can give u a response by noon on Sunday , all fantasy questions must be communicated via email

Weather is football for over and unders and wind, the importance of kicking with how many games are coming down to kicking and extra points and the value of a kicker that can kick 55 plus fields goals with regularity and make them

Basketball then football then baseball matters the most for home field advantage.

College basketball returns are more influenced by the crowd then any other sports.  They try to keep the fouls close and are far more prone to make make up calls , dr.anikeev, try not to bet for or against your team favorite teams you have a bias towards them, and you are more likely to bet for your favorite team, because you want them to win, , the points spreads for the teams u like that are favored in the NBA you should target the favorite by 2 to 5 points than you like because of free throws at the end of the game.

How important wind kickers and passing affected by wind, and the over under

I’d tag for jigsaw, wind rain favor Air Force and navy.  Travel to west coast team to east coast , back to backs in NBA games.

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